[Call for Objections] Tracking definition

Dear TPWG,

ISSUE-5 raised the question how to define tracking. After weeks of productive discussions, we have chosen three alternative proposals of how to resolve ISSUE-5, documented in the link below.

The goal of this Call for Objections is to choose the proposal which draws the least substantiated objections. Please document for each option why you cannot live with a given option and what would need to be done to resolve your concerns. Note that this is not a vote, i.e., substance and not only numbers count.


Once we have resolved ISSUE-5 it will be used for at least two purposes: 
(a) Define scope of the work in document introduction(s) 
(b) Define user preference in a broad sense (e.g., what a user requests when she says DNT: 1)

The poll is open now, and will close on November 20th, as mentioned on the teleconference.

Nick (sending for Matthias and co-chairs)

(BCC public-tracking-announce for those not following public-tracking closely.)
(Apologies for typo in the URL, but this is the correct questionnaire.)

Received on Saturday, 9 November 2013 00:25:23 UTC