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Please follow process - that is all we are asking.  The clock starts when the formal email goes out.  Please don't add further subjectivity to an already subjective process.  It was my hope that the feedback across the board provided during the Poll had sufficiently conveyed this message to staff and co-chairs.

I understand you each have day jobs - we each do as well.  But perhaps more fundamentally, the core ecosystem by which our companies operate could be irreparably harmed by significant missteps in this process.  Issues 5 & 10 are substantial issues to solve for so please provide the transparency and consistency in following the process that had been laid out nearly a month ago (process version 4 or 5 at this point).

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- Shane

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As is usually the case, I suspect people are going to wait until the last minute to put up objections.  For the sake of the group, I would rather the deadline be Wednesday night instead of Friday night.  The options have been static for some time and there has been little discussion of the listserv about any of them.  If you want to make a substantive argument why you need two extra days to formulate an objection either on parties or tracking, please do so, but the group has now had several weeks to debate and consider both of these issues (including a full extra week that was inserted into the process).  Given the length of responses that we have historically received, I find it hard to believe that people are going to spend more than an hour or two on either one (again, work which could have been started a long time ago if one were so inclined).

That said, I do appreciate the feedback that you would like the options put up on Wednesday from now on, and I will strive to make that happen.  Like all of you, I have another job that I am trying to do in addition to (co-)chairing this group.  The chairs are in three different time zones with frenetic travel schedules, so we don't always coordinate as closely as we should.  But I will take the desire to get the CFO immediately up after the call to heart, and hopefully this can happen going forward.

The ISSUE-5 Call for Objection will be going up shortly!

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My recollection from Wednesday's weekly W3C call is also that at least one of the Chairs stated that the two week period would begin with the official email calling for objections.

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Did an email go out calling for the CFO and providing the links at that time?  I believe the 2-week clock should start then.  Fair?  This is the process that Matthias had agreed to (email with CFO, 2 weeks from that point).

- Shane

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The options were presented to the group on the call on November 6th --- it took us a couple of days to get the options up, but I'd like to stick with the original deadline of November 20th (as was announced on the call and previously).  CFO on ISSUE-10 is here<>, ISSUE-5 should be up soon.

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Shouldn't there be a call for objections posted for Issue-6 and Issue-10?  I understood they were to be posted on Nov. 6 and closed on Nov. 20.  Since it's Nov. 7 and they still aren't posted, does that mean the closing date gets pushed back?


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