RE: June change proposal: 5.2 Audience measurement Issue 25: ACTION 415

Rigo, I believe Kathy is on vacation so I am copying Richard who can forward the email to others at ESOMAR. 

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Hi Kathy, 

along the lines of email I sent earlier and repeatedly, please find 
below my additional text suggestions:

On Friday 21 June 2013 16:12:14 Kathy Joe wrote:
> Here is our change proposal to the TPC June Draft: text underlined
> indicates proposed amendments since the last f2f meeting
> Kathy Joe
> 5.2 Permitted Uses
> Current text: placeholder for audience measurement Issue 25
> Proposed text:
> Issue 25: Aggregated data collection and use for audience measurement
> research
> Normative:
> Information may be collected, retained and used by a third party for
> audience measurement research where the information is used to
> calibrate, validate or calculate through data collected from opted-in
> panels, which in part contains information collected across sites and
> over time from user agents.
> A third party eligible for an audience measurement research permitted
> use MUST adhere to the following restrictions. The data collected by
> the third party:
> €    Must be pseudonymised before statistical analysis begins, and
> €    Must not be shared with any other party unless the data are
> de-identified prior to sharing, and
> €    Must be deleted or de-identified as early as possible after the
> purpose of collection is met and in no case shall such retention,
> prior to de-identification, exceed 53 weeks and
> €    Must not be used for any other independent purpose including
> changing an individual¹s user experience or building a profile for ad
> targeting purposes.

€ MUST not be aggregated into categories and buckets with less than 812 

== Rationale

Currently, I heard the rumor that audience measurement has more than 27k 
categories. While audience measurement reporting is not 
altering/targeting individuals, the fear remains that an abundant set of 
categories will allow for targeting certain categories where the 
targeting comes very near to singling out people by category. IMHO we 
haven't gained much if we just transformed Joe Schmoo into category 
43DF994 (young, white, urbain, big spender, lower east-side). We don't 
have to know people by name to use their data against them. This is the 
reason to draw a line between the singling out and necessary statistical 
measures in a democratic society. 


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