Re: First party compliance

First parties may elect to be more restrictive in their data collection 
practices than proscribed in this Specification. If first parties only 
collect data as permitted for third parties when receiving a DNT:1 
header, they can indicate this according to the tracking status message 
as set forth in the Tracking Preference Expression Specification. This 
also allows them to use DNT:0 as a permission mechanism for regulated 


On Wednesday 26 June 2013 02:30:11 Israel, Susan wrote:
> In Section 4, First Party Compliance, I think the third paragraph
> "(First parties may elect to follow third party practices.") should
> be deleted.
> I don't think it's meaningful and I think it's better to have one
> clear rule rather than offering different levels of compliance.
> Susan Israel

Received on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 16:50:44 UTC