Re: June Change Proposal: "tracking" (Issue-5) and "collect" etc. (Issue-16)

Hi Lee,

I've updated this wiki page to include your proposal next to David's and the editors' draft text:

I've also moved ISSUE-16 to the Compliance June product, and renamed it to match the four key terms that the group seems to be using.

I believe your editorial comment on "data" rather than "data records" can just be taken up with the editors rather than addressed separately.


On Jun 25, 2013, at 7:05 PM, Lee Tien <> wrote:
> Issue-16:  What does it mean to collect data? (caching, logging, storage, retention, accumulation, profile etc.)
> The language below is adapted from the EFF/Mozilla/Stanford proposal, but IMHO is also fairly close to that in the prior editor's draft.
> "A party collects data if the data comes within its control.
> A party retains data if the data remains within the party's control after the network interaction during which it was collected is complete.
> A party uses data if the party processes the data for any purpose, including for storage.
> A party shares data if the party enables another party to receive the data or its factual or semantic content."
> Comment:  A party might retain data indicating that the user is pregnant.  Telling another party that the user is pregnant would constitute sharing of that data, even if the actual collected data were not itself shared.  
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