June Change Proposal: Issues 132, 151, 153

I am not sure the June Draft addresses these, but this is what I propose--not sure where they go.

132  An intermediary or hosting provider MUST NOT modify a DNT signal.

151  A user agent MAY implement the exception API.

153  Software that modifies, but does not initiate, a network interaction MUST adhere to the same standards as software that initiates a network interaction.

(This is scoped as follows according to the issue tracker:

“Cases out of scope of this issue:
- Browser plugins are not considered since they are part of the UA
- SW that modifies the browser behavior (e.g., via registry changes) is technically also part of the UA (should the UA protect itself?)
Use cases considered were:
- A proxy DNT handler for non-DNT browsers
- An enterprise proxy that implements a corporate policy
- A home router that handles DNT for a family
- A internet provider intermediary (configurable by subscribers) that implements DNT within the network”)

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