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On Mar 28, 2012, at 5:07 PM, Matthias Schunter wrote:

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>  ISSUE-95: May an institution or network provider set a tracking
> preference for a user?
>  Reason: Resolution in current WD did not raise comments
>  ISSUE-107: Exact format of the response header?
>  Reason: Proposal in Sec 5.2 in current WD did not raise comments
>    Note 1: I perceive the discussion of the format to be closed
>      If we choose headers, we are likely to use the current proposal
>    Note 2: The discussion whether to use headers and/or URIs is still open.

Er, no, we are waiting for Tom's rewrite.  That will almost certainly
change the format, at least if I understood it correctly.  We do not
have consensus on the current format.

>  ISSUE-120: Should the response header be mandatory (MUST) or
> recommended (SHOULD)
>  Reason: "SHOULD" in current WD (5.2.1) did not raise comments

Also part of Tom's header proposal -- it will be a MAY + MUST on
certain responses that cause a change in tracking status.


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