Agenda for 2012-Mar-21 call

REMINDER: The calls are in US time, which matters for daylight savings time differences between countries. 

Hi all, I'm sorry to be getting this out so late. Life overtook me. Tomorrow is the first Compliance & Definitions conference call since we published the Second Public Working Drafts. 

Chair:		Aleecia
Main topic:	We'll take up a mix of topics, from low-hanging fruit to long-standing big issues.


1. Selection of scribe
	We've held about two dozen conference calls. If you have never scribed on a call, it's time! 
	From minutes, I see past scribes as Tom, Charles, Erica, David Wainberg, Heather West, Carmen, Sid, Ninja, Shane, Bryan, dsriedel, Ed, Jonathan, John, Sean, Ted, Jeff, Justin, Wendy, Kevin, and a whole lot of Nick. Thanks! If you have never scribed on a call, please offer to do so in the next few weeks. If you've only scribed once, it's getting to be time to take another turn, please.

2. Any comments on minutes:
	Final versions from the last calls are not out yet; more soon

Old business

3.  Review of overdue action items:
	Karl will not get to action-26 for the TPE and Compliance specs. I suggest we create an issue so we don't lose track of this, and defer for now
	Looking for updates from Jeff, Amy, Tom, and Rigo, please

4. Housekeeping where the status is out of date:
	Action-56 is listed as pending review -- I believe this is now incorrect. (The full WG declined the proposal; a new proposal is underway.) I think the right thing to do is leave the action open with a new due date, potentially a few weeks out.

New business

Time boxing: we will work on agenda items 5 - 9 until no later than an hour after the call starts. If we haven't finished the list, we'll wrap up where we are, and move on to agenda item 10 & 11 for the last half hour.

5. ISSUE-28 / Action-28 (the "DNT still means you must follow local laws" bit) is pending review. See for draft text. 

6. ISSUE-14 / action-103: How does what we talk about with 1st/3rd party relate to European law about data controller vs data processor?
	This is pending review. See for the draft text. 

7. ISSUE-32: cookie syncing
	This is also pending review with a few outstanding notes. See for the draft text. The third note suggests we should just come back to this after we work through service providers. Suggestion: close the associated action-106, and move issue-32 to POSTPONED for the moment. 

8. ISSUE-69: Minimal notice / affirmative consent. 
	This is pending review. See for the draft texts.

9. ISSUE-54: Can first party provide targeting based on registration information even while sending DNT?
	We have a suggestion of no text from Justin, some discussion on the mailing list that meandered around many other topics, and then we were caught up in the next publication. Let's see if we can move to a more productive conversation by phone. It is possible that this issue will resolve itself easily based on how other issues work out -- if we're still going in circles after a little while, I'll suggest we close the actions against it (action-68, action-69, action-109) and postpone for now.

10. Issue-65: How does logged in and logged out state work
	We have two proposals in the Second Public Working Draft, one of which was no text at all. We've also had lively discussion since then on the mailing list. 
	See for our starting point text. 

11. Discussion of how we will proceed on some of the big issues: parties and operational uses of data
	- Goals for next f2f
	- Common use cases and characteristics to compare proposals
	- Further discussion needed around specifics of operational uses (see -- if we agreed to accept all of these today as written, it is not yet clear what that would entail. In some places that is because there is disagreement on scope / definitions, but in others we have not gotten into enough depth in discussions. 
	- Does anyone mind "operational uses" rather than a word that starts with exe*?
	- Any thoughts on what we should call site-specific exe*? 

12. Announce next meeting & adjourn

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