Re: ISSUE-111 - Exceptions are broken

On Mar 8, 2012, at 1:16 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> So, you are saying that for specific 3rd parties such as Amazon or a social network, with which the users are very familiar, a sort of global 3rd party exception might make sense.  I think there is an issue for that (Issue 113)  but itís not currently in the doc.  I think most of us agree that would make sense.  I think the question was really whether or not the browser should manage that scenario.

Yep, we have ISSUE-113 for that case, which we've been calling "Web-wide exceptions". The current draft proposes that we would leave that open to browser configuration in whichever way they wanted rather than defining it in the spec. We also have ACTION-120 on Alex D who volunteered to take on proposing a specific API to request a Web-wide exception (which I believe would be managed in the browser).


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