Re: [ISSUE-5] What is the definition of tracking?

On Wednesday 07 March 2012 06:30:39 Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> By *collecting*, I assume you mean "receiving in the request".

I think for the sake of clarity, we should not mix and clearly distinguish in 
our argumentation between:

1/ retention of chatter that is received with normal http interaction and

2/ actively utilizing techniques to generate more data flowing from the user 
to the service

And I think Jonathan is only talking about 2/ which needs active acts of will 
on the side of the service. 

It is understandable that a service just collects as usual and only touches on 
one module to stop the correlation. But once collected, the risk of misuse is 
higher than if it wouldn't have collected in the first place. And this affects 
the feeling of confidence. 

Still collecting full tracking flow and just promising not to use it is 
something I heard often in the US. Now Roy seems to add a nuance: Full 
collection of data but throwing it away pretty quickly. I don't take a 
standpoint here, but the psychological message can be pretty bad as you're 
still seen to collect the full flow and people will realize that. 


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