Re: Issue-39: Tracking of Geographic Data

* Karl Dubost wrote:
>1. geolocation for working with a geo-dependent 
>   service such as a weather widget.
>2. geolocation for collecting a profile about you
>3. geolocation for serving ads about the services around you
>These are different use cases with not the same implications, 
>results for users. With "DNT: 1" as a user, I expect 
>* Geolocated: 1
>* Not Geolocated: 2 and 3

If you let your browser tell the weather widget where you are so you get
the right weather information, it's obvious that this cannot be used for
advertisement short of some contractural agreement that allows that, dnt
does not really matter there; and if it's based on something like the IP
address then I don't see why weather is okay but ads are not. Could you
elaborate on where you see the difference?

(I note that it's not particularily difficult to make an ad network that
serves "behavioral" ads, where the ad network does not obtain data about
user habits at all, simply by putting the logic and data on the client
and logging nothing about the ads served that can be used for anything
other than billing; so there would be no tracking beyond how browsers
already keep track of your browsing history. Some people might want this
kind of customization, and only object to the tracking. Is dnt meant to
prevent this, or is it something to encourage?)
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