Re: Issue-39: Tracking of Geographic Data

We should discuss the role of geo--data in the tracking process, since the use of geo-location is part of the tracking system. I believe it should be in the scope of this group.  Happy to be involved in this discussion, as we are working on the "path to purchase" tracking system.

Jeff Chester
Center for Digital Democracy
Washington DC

On Dec 14, 2011, at 12:36 AM, Shane Wiley <> wrote:

> Issue-39, Tracking of geographic data (however it's determined, or used)
> Draft: Shane Wiley
> Edit: David Singer
> We have talked about this as a group a few times, and it seems as though consensus is likely to fall somewhere between it's ok to identify country of origin and it's not ok to go to zip-plus-four level. The final details, and how we express that in an international context, has not been put into text.
> Proposal:  I believe discussion of geographic information is outside the scope of the working group if it is generally agreed our core focus is on data collection and use across non-affiliated or non-commonly branded web sites.
> Geographic location data collection and use is a significant privacy topic – especially with the emergence of GPS enabled mobile devices resulting in precise geographic location – and would recommend this topic be picked up by the Privacy Interest Group (

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