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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2014 20:27:06 +0000
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issue-262: adjust proposal for G response to eliminate T/N choices, imply that the gateway is T, and specifically limit it to when contract does not allow losing bidders to retain tracking data

--- /w3ccvs/WWW/2011/tracking-protection/drafts/tracking-dnt.html	2014/12/10 01:20:23	1.276
+++ /w3ccvs/WWW/2011/tracking-protection/drafts/tracking-dnt.html	2014/12/17 20:27:06	1.277
@@ -626,7 +626,7 @@
         <section id='TSV-G'>
           <h4>Gateway (G)</h4>
-            A tracking status value of <dfn>G</dfn> means the origin server
+            A tracking status value of <dfn>G</dfn> means the server
             is acting as a gateway to an exchange involving multiple parties.
             This might occur if a response to the <a>designated resource</a>
             involves an automated selection process, such as dynamic bidding,
@@ -639,39 +639,25 @@
             This tracking status value is only valid as a site-wide status.
-            An origin server MUST NOT send <code>G</code> as the
+            A server MUST NOT send <code>G</code> as the
             tracking status value in a <a>Tk</a> header field or within the
             representation of a request-specific tracking status resource.
-            A gateway MUST NOT send <code>G</code> as the tracking
-            status value if it knows in advance that all of the potential
-            recipients have agreed on a single tracking status value of
-            <code>N</code> (not tracking); in this case, the gateway
-            MUST respond with <code>N</code> instead of <code>G</code>.
-          </p>
-          <p>
-            A gateway MUST NOT send <code>G</code> as the tracking
-            status value unless it has reason to believe that recipients
-            other than the selected party will not retain tracking data after
-            the selection has been made when the expressed tracking preference
-            is <code><a>DNT:1</a></code>; if non-selected recipients retain
-            tracking data under <code><a>DNT:1</a></code>, the gateway
-            MUST respond with <code>T</code> instead of <code>G</code>.
-          </p>
-          <p>
             If <code>G</code> is present in the site-wide tracking status:
-              <li>the gateway MUST meet the requirements of a
-                service provider for each of the parties to which it
-                provides request data;</li>
               <li>the gateway MUST send a link within its site-wide
                 tracking status representation to a privacy policy that
                 explains what limitations are placed on parties that
                 might receive data via that gateway;</li>
               <li>the gateway MUST forward any expressed tracking
                 preference in the request to each party that receives data
-                from that request; and,</li>
+                from that request;</li>
+              <li>the gateway MUST have a contract in place with each of the
+                parties to whom it provides request data such that only the
+                selected party is allowed to retain tracking data from a
+                request with an expressed tracking preference of
+                <code><a>DNT:1</a></code>; and,</li>
               <li>the gateway MUST send a <a>Tk</a> header field in
                 responses to requests on the designated resource and include
                 within that field's value a <code><a>status-id</a></code>
@@ -681,6 +667,15 @@
                 <a href="#request-specific-status-resource" class="sectionRef"></a>).
+          <p>
+            With respect to tracking performed by the gateway itself, the
+            <code>G</code> response can be considered equivalent
+            to the <code><a>T</a></code> (tracking) response defined below.
+            The other information within the site-wide tracking status
+            representation indicates how the gateway intends to comply
+            with an expressed tracking preference, aside from the potential
+            sharing of data implied by the gateway process.
+          </p>
         <section id='TSV-N'>
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