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-  <section id="sotd">
-    <p>
-      This draft works off of the unofficial <a href="">June Draft</a>, a substantial change from the previous Editors' Draft. The <a href="">April 30 Working Draft</a> captures that text (including multiple options in several sections) if you wish to refer to it.
-    </p>
-  </section>
+<section id="sotd">
+  <h2>Status of this Document</h2>
+      <p>
+        This document is the proposed starting point for a renewed effort to agree on the basic principles of complying with the DNT signals. To kick-off and focus our discussions, this text has proposed initial draft text as one alternative to resolve important issues. At this point in time, the contained text does not constitute consensus and also does not claim to indicate any preferred text of the group. It also does not yet cover all questions/issues that need to be addressed. It may further be augmented by adding non-normative text that provides more information.
+      </p> 
+To work on this outline towards a consensus recommendation, the Chair has proposed a plan that finalises the document by completing three tasks (Note: This is a non-normative version of our plan; the normative version of the plan will be emailed to the list):
+<li>Collect Issues: We will first ensure that a list of ISSUEs is completed that ensures that all important questions are on our radar.</li>
+<li>Texting: We will furthermore ensure that all proposed alternative resolutions to these questions are documented in writing.</li>
+<li>Agreeing: We will identify the text alternative that draws the least substantiated objections of the group.</li>
+      </p>
+    </section>
   <section id="scope-and-goals">
@@ -110,7 +121,7 @@
          by that client;</li>
 				<li>has no independent right to use or share the data except as
          necessary to ensure the integrity, security, and correct operation
-         of the service being provided; and</li>
+         of the service being provided; and</li>5~
 				<li>has a contract in place that outlines and mandates these
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+<<<<<<< tracking-dnt.html
+    <section id='exceptions'>              >
     <section id='exceptions' >
+>>>>>>> 1.216
       <h1>User-Granted Exceptions</h1>
       <section id="exceptions-overview" class="informative">

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