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RE: TPE Last Call comments, re: validation of user signals (issue-260)

From: Mike Zaneis <mike@iab.net>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 19:45:49 +0000
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Forgive me for not delving into the technical specifics of the draft spec, but rather simply looking at the group's charter.  From the W3C site, "(t)he Tracking Protection Working Group is chartered to improve user privacy and user control by defining mechanisms for expressing user preferences around Web tracking and for blocking or allowing Web tracking elements." (emphasis added).  I would posit that if the group's spec does not create a mechanism that is capable of effectively expressing user preference, primarily because it is so easily gamed by non-users, then the group has failed to fulfill its mission.  Putting out such a spec is misguided and violates the governance rules of the W3C.

Mike Zaneis

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Subject: TPE Last Call comments, re: validation of user signals (issue-260)

Hi Jack, Rachel, Alan, Peter, Brooks, Chris, David, Max, Tim, Mike, Ari, Vivek and Nadine,

Thank you for your comments (last June) on the TPE Last Call Working Draft. The Tracking Protection Working Group has discussed each of the issues and proposed resolutions. This email in particular describes discussion and proposed resolution regarding validation of DNT signals.

Editor Roy Fielding has provided a detailed response to different comments related to this issue in email; I have provided the link below. I would briefly summarize the resolution as:

* testing and other means can help to validate signals but specification cannot provide additional proof



Please let us know if these changes or explanations resolve your concerns.


Nick Doty, W3C (for the Tracking Protection Working Group)














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