Agenda F2F Meeting - May 16th and May 17th


I started with a strawman of the agenda for the next F2F in Barcelona the week before KubeCon. The main topics I want to address:

  *   Trace-Context – What do we need to finish the spec
  *   Trace-Context support for other protocols @Sergey Kanzhelev<>
  *   Trace-Context implementor feedback and progress
  *   Trace-Context Community feedback – Ideally we get some people form CNCF projects in the room
  *   Correlation-Context – What do we want to achieve? @Sergey Kanzhelev<> can you lead this one?
  *   Trace Interchange Format – Getting started and goals for this year @Victor Soares<> let us lead this one together
  *   TypedSpanBuilder a way for high quality Trace Data – This is not directly related to W3C but good input on the item above

You can find a link to the working version of the agenda here ( . Please add your name this week so I can get a big enough meeting room.

// Alois
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