Meeting today


I am stuck at Franfurt airport today due to strikes and cannot confirm that I will be able to make it tonight.

Topics from my side:

Next workshops

We should really keep the momentum up and ensure we are moving towards working code as quickly as possible. The office W3C TPAC [1] will be Lyon from Oct 22nd to 26th. This will give us a full week of hands-on time to move Trace-Context forward.

I think we should have another workshop before October which is also focused on implementing trace context including test. As the last workshop and TPAC will be Europe, I would propose a workshop in the US. Ideally we target an August timeframe.


We should get a first version of a working testsuite that implementations can test against. Who will take ownership of setting up an environment for testing?


We should work on merging the open PRs in:

PR 110 (Privacy): I propose to follow Ted's suggestion for wording and merge
PR 111 (Limit): Can we agree on a syntax that providers must support 512 and if the limit is exceeded may drop the last entries in the list

// Alois

// Alois
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