Results of implementors workshop, Aug 6-7, Seattle


Thank you all participants of Implementors Workshop<>! We had a very productive time discussing issues and future plans for the distributed tracing context propagation. You can find notes here<>. During the workshop we closed a few outstanding issues and completed two milestones: experiment and migrate.

As part of experiment milestones completion we had demos from Instana, Microsoft, Google, New Relic and Dynatrace which confirm usability of protocol. As well as end-to-end trace run thru components monitored by Application Insights, Dynatrace and New Relic. Milestone migrate was completed as we officially transferred work from W3C community group to the working group<>.

Our plan is to close the remaining of issues<> for the First Public Working Draft this month. For the Candidate Recommendation milestone we agreed to draft how binary, AMQP and MQTT protocols might look like to confirm that proposal is universal enough.

Thank you again for productive discussions and contributions!


Received on Friday, 10 August 2018 22:59:54 UTC