Re: [touch-events] Added legacy interface initTouchEvent

> For `scale` and `rotation`, Apple's doc says they are optional, but 
actually all arguments are required in Safari. Do we want to match 
docs or shipped code?

Good point.  @dtapuska and I chatted about this for a bit.  Given that
 our goal is that there should be some pattern people can use that 
works in all major browsers, and Safari requires these parameters, I 
think you should keep them (as "unused").  I guess there's no real 
benefit to omitting them from the spec, only likely to cause 
confusion.  Hopefully once constructors are widely supported we can 
rip out all this crap.

> but for the change list I need to update commit link after landed.

Actually once you have a final commit ready (we'll want to squash the 
intermediate commits together with 'git rebase -i'), you can insert a 
link with that commit hash.  Merging the pull request shouldn't change
 the commit hash, so that should just work (I believe that's what I've
 done in some previous commits).

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Received on Wednesday, 2 December 2015 20:05:26 UTC