[touch-events] standardize initTouchEvent

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== standardize initTouchEvent ==
The WebEvents working group previously decided not to normatively 
specify `initTouchEvent` because there were differences in 
implementation and weird extra co-ordinate parameters that made no 

However, according to an [httparchive 
 there is a non-trivial amount of usage of this API (1236 of the top 
300k websites as of Aug 2014).  For example: 
 and [http://www.arccjournals.com/](http://www.arccjournals.com/).  In
 both cases it looks like it's just being used as a form of touch 
feature detection.

However, Chrome UMA data 
 that `initTouchEvent` is virtually never called in practice on 
Chrome.  I wonder why?

See https://github.com/w3c/touch-events/issues/29

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