Can we change default radius to 0 in the touch events extensions

I noticed in the touch events extensions spec that the default radiusX and
radiusY is 1 if no value is known.

It seems odd to me to use a value that could be legitimately reported by
supporting hardware. Would it be reasonable to change the default to 0?
This way if users want to they can easily detect and set a sensible
application default radius (i.e. var radiusX = event.touches[i].radiusX ||
15;) instead of risking ignoring a real radius of 1.

It seems to me like force can already be treated this way as a force of 0
doesn't feel like it would legitimately be reported by supporting hardware
for an actual touch (assuming a touch always has some pressure).

Unless it's common to divide by radius I imagine this wouldn't cause a
problem for existing uses of radius.


Received on Thursday, 29 May 2014 15:35:46 UTC