Re: TouchEvent sub-pixel precision

On Tue, 20 May 2014 21:09:43 +0900, Sangwhan Moon <> wrote:

> While it makes sense, the IDL as it looks like today was mostly because  
> of
> interoperability with the existing implementations. In practice, this  
> will
> make very little difference in the code that makes use of the events so
> it's probably very safe to make the changes. (I can't think of any cases
> this would break content from the back of my head, at least)

See for  
MouseEvents compat.

> I'm not sure if we can get all implementations to agree on this (I know  
> one
> that probably won't change, which is why we had to pull some of the stuff
> out to the extensions note..) - and sadly I don't think we'll ever
> implement fractional coordinates on Presto. Will Gecko adopt these  
> changes
> as well? (Opera 20+ sadly does not count as a independent implementation,
> afaik - if Blink is the only implementation that is intending to  
> implement
> the change - personal opinion is to keep it as is, even if it's not very
> pretty)

WebKit recently implemented sub-pixel return values for some things, I'm  
not sure if it included TouchEvents or not.

As Rick says in the bug referenced above, we will probably get a better  
understanding of the Web compat situation here soon from WebKit and Blink  
trying it out.

Simon Pieters
Opera Software

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