Hi Touch Event CG Folks!

I'm pleased to introduce myself and Asir as new members to the Touch Events Community Group.

We're excited to see the progress being made towards support for interoperable Pointer Events. We recognize that figuring out the details regarding interactions between Touch Events and Pointer Events is a key step in that evolution. It also could have an impact on easing the transition for web developers. To that end, Microsoft intends to offer its support in working towards a consensus approach.

Nothing has changed with respect to our position on the Touch Events API itself. We continue to believe Pointer Events is necessary to support today's diverse device ecosystem and is key to Internet Explorer customers who enjoy touch, mouse, pen, and Kinect input modalities on the web. But we're cognizant of Touch Event usage on the web, and we want to be a part of helping rationalize the two models as best possible.

Looking forward to discussion in this area.

-Jacob & Asir

Received on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 17:10:10 UTC