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On 2/1/14 6:43 PM, ext Rick Byers wrote:
> I'd be happy to see some note to this effect - it doesn't sounds like 
> it's on the list of things explicitly outside the charter of the 
> group:  But I doubt we 
> want to go into much detail here (probably more the responsibility of 
> the touch events community group).
> Rick
> On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 7:52 PM, Patrick H. Lauke 
> < <>> wrote:
>     Just as an initial question: would it be in scope for the pointer
>     events spec to have an informative note about the relationship of
>     pointer events and the (reverse engineered) W3C Touch Events spec?
>     In particular, I'm thinking something to the effect that touch
>     events and pointer events are different at a fundamental
>     implementation level (e.g. when mouse compat is dispatched, the
>     fact that touch events treat click as mouse compat, the implicit
>     vs explicit capture model), and that this spec does not cover how
>     these different models can be reconciled...and that it's up to UAs
>     to work this out?
>     (partly inspired by
>     Thoughts?

I think a broad point of agreement is the need for information about the 
relationship (compatibility) between PointerEvents and TouchEvents. As 
Rick implies, such information is certainly in scope for the Touch 
Events CG [TECG].

Given the IP/patent issues related to touch APIs (e.g. TouchEvents spec) 
and the reluctance of some members of the Pointer Events WG to do 
technical work in that area, my recommendation is the CG be used to 
flesh out the details of the relationships and compatibility.

Patrick - how about you send your thoughts to public-touchevents?

(It could turn out we [the CG + PEWG] will agree the Pointer Events spec 
should  include a non-normative reference to information created by the 
CG but until we have something more concrete, it's just speculation now.)

-Thanks, ArtB

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