Pull Down to Refresh

So far it is a challenge to implement a cross browser PD2R feature. With 
touch events it is still possible by re-implementing the scrolling in 
JavaScript, which leads to heavy/complicated code and does not perform 
well in particular when scrollable data is large and complex. With pointer 
events and IE there is a solution based on snap points and chained 
scrolling [1] to provide PD2R using native scroll.

The problem with pointer events on other browsers will be that when 
touch-action gives control to the user agent, there will be no way for the 
application developer to implement PD2R other than re-implementing the 
scrolling in JavaScriptt, using a touch-action value that prevents native 

>From a user experience standpoint the pull down to refresh (or pull up to 
whatever) is becoming a de facto standard. It would be great if we could 
come up with a common solution to allow applications to use pointer events 
to implement PD2R with the benefit of the native scrolling. 

For example, we could imagine that when a user reaches the top (or the 
bottom in case of a Pull Up 2 something) :
- a "pointerpull" event would be sent,
- the user agent gives control back to the application and resume the 
sequence pointermove* > pointerup > pointerout

[1] http://dwcares.com/pull-to-refresh-2

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