Re: Pointer Events and mouse compatibility events

On 02/12/2013 23:50, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Is it just me, or does
> actually not make much sense?
> The implication, if I read the spec correctly, is that the mouse
> compatibility events can be suppressed by cancelling pointerdown, so the
> mouse events shouldn't actually be fired until AFTER pointerdown,
> presumably in the sequence (assuming a finger tap on a button):

Ok, got some clarification some Jacob Rossi

It seems the first mousemove (fired before the first pointer event) and 
the mouseenter/mouseover can't actually be prevented. Only from 
pointerdown onwards can the compatibility mouse events be suppressed 
(which seems half-hearted to me, but perhaps there is some rationale 
that I'm missing).

Also, some of my confusion seems to stem from the fact that "dispatch" 
is used in UK english mostly to mean "send", rather than the meaning of 
"eliminate/suppress" which seems more common in US english

Which is why the sentence

"Varies: when the pointer is primary, all default actions of the 
mousedown event plus dispatch of compatibility mouse events"

in the default action column for pointerdown in 
made matters even more obscure.

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