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Test the Web Forward - September Newsletter

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The Fall Equinox is celebrated worldwide through various cultural
traditions, many of which center around harvest and growth. As we
pass through this season, we're celebrating the same in our Test
the Web Forward community. Both of the events this month are examples
of people outside of the core TestTWF team planting the seeds and
cultivating the growth of the movement in their local areas. Read
more about these events below.

=== Welcome New Subscribers ===

Welcome to our new subscribers from Sacramento! It was great
meeting you and answering your great questions about testing

=== Upcoming TestTWF Events ===

--> HTML5 DevConf, San Francisco, CA: October 22-23

If you're planning on being at the HTML5 Developer's Conference in
October in SF and want to learn more about what we're doing, stop by
our table and say hi. We'll be there answering questions about TestTWF
and WebPlatform.org and passing out goodies!

--> Test the Web Forward @TPAC, Shenzhen, China: November 9, 9AM-7PM CST

Early registration for TPAC attendees is now open. If you're a W3C member
and registered for TPAC, you'll be receiving an access code through
email. Registration will be open for everyone on October 7.  Follow
@TestTheWebForward on Twitter [1] or Weibo [2] to get latest
updates. For more information about the schedule, experts & speakers,
and the program, visit the event site [3]. Updates will be made there

=== Past TestTWF Events ===

--> HTML5J Tokyo: Test the Web Forward Meetup

Back in June, when we left Tokyo, there was excitement about
more TestTWF events in Japan in the future [4]. Masataka Yakura took
the lead and on behalf of HTML5J [5], he's happy to report that that
the first TestTWF Meetup in Tokyo on September 14th went well. They had
about 20 attendees including a few returning folks from the first Tokyo
event. He expresses big thanks to them for helping newcomers writing
and submitting tests!

Check out these write-ups from a couple of attendees:

    * HTML5 Experts.jp article [6] - JA
    * hayashih's recap [7] - JA

--> HTML5 Sacramento Meetup [8]

In the spring, we met Chris Minnick, who runs the Sacramento HTML5
user group in Northern California. He reached out to us to bring TestTWF
to his community we were happy to oblige. On September 17, we gathered at
the super cool HackerLab space [9] and educated people on ways they can
get involved in contributing to the Open Web by writing tests and by
writing documentation on WebPlatform.org [10]. It was a nice evening with
a very enagaged group who by the end of it were eager to get started
right away.

=== New and Improved TestTheWebForward.org! ===

We are excited and proud to announce the relaunch of
TestTheWebForward.org this month. This marks one of the key
deliverables of the Open Web Platform Testing initiative kicked
off earlier this year, led by Tobie Langel [11]. Prior to this launch,
the website was just a place for information about events. Now, it
is so much more: It's W3C's one stop shop for Open Web Platform
testing. This includes a rich set of centralized documentation to get
you started [12], a blog to keep you informed of what's happening [13],
and vastly improved event pages -- past, present, and future [14].
And this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for developments on what's
next and of course, how you can become a contributor!

=== Get Involved ===

--> Contribute

The best thing about the new TestTheWebForward.org is that it belongs
to everyone and your contributions are warmly welcomed. Do you see
Something missing in the documentation? Have an idea for more useful
content? Would you like to write or cross-post a blog entry about your
Experience testing browsers?  Please contribute! The site's content is
hosted in a public GitHub repo, so the contribution process couldn't
be easier - just send a pull request. See the contribution guidelines
for more info [15].

--> Host your own Test the Web Forward event!

 Follow Masataka's and Chris' lead and have an event in your area!
 Whether you'd like to have a small info session meetup, a one day
 hackathon, or a larger event like we're planning for Shenzhen, let us
 know at public-testtwf-planning@w3.org. We have kits to get you going.

=== Quotes of the Month ===

  As we navigate millions of words on Twitter, Github, mailing lists,
  and our inboxes, from time to time someone says something that captures
  the spirit of the Test the Web Forward movement. Here are some we
  came across in September:

  "The good news is about one-third were also at the June TestTWF. Yes,
  returning Forwardistas! It was really great to have them; they were kind
  enough to help us and others writing tests, so people who were new to
  event were able to submit tests. What a beautiful community, isn't it?"
    -- Masataka Yakura, on the turnout at the Tokyo TestTWF Meetup

  "Authoring tests is not the end of the story. It's actually the
    -- Yuta Kitamura, Github test review [16]

  "TestTheWebForward.org - Join the rebellion [tm]"
    -- Rodney Rehm, Frontend Conference, Zurich [17]

Let's keep Making the Web a Better Place!

[1]: https://twitter.com/testthewebfwd
[2]: http://weibo.com/u/3618259334
[3]: http://testthewebforward.org/events/2013/shenzhen.html
[4]: http://blogs.adobe.com/webplatform/2013/06/26/
[5]: http://html5j.org/
[6]: http://html5experts.jp/myakura/2704/
[7]: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/hayashih/20130914/p1
[8]: http://www.meetup.com/HTML5-in-Sacramento/events/133819602/
[9]: http://hackerlab.org/
[10]: http://www.webplatform.org/
[12]: http://testthewebforward.org/docs/
[13]: http://testthewebforward.org/blog/
[14]: http://testthewebforward.org/events/
[15]: https://github.com/w3c/testtwf-website/blob/gh-pages/CONTRIBUTING.md
[17]: https://twitter.com/klick_ass/status/373016885476200448
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