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Test the Web Forward - November/December Newsletter

From: Test The Web Forward <testthewebforward@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 15:14:21 -0800
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As we wind down 2013, let's reflect on what a great year it's been
for Test the Web Forward. We've held five major events around the
world where attendees contributed thousands of new tests, added
over 1000 new subscribers to our  mailing list, built up a rich set of
centralized W3C test documentation, relaunched testthewebforward.org
as the one-stop-shop for Open Web Platform testing, and officially
became part of the W3C.  A hearty thanks and congratulations to all
of YOU who contributed, attended, participated, and supported our
movement. We have a truly awesome community.

=== Welcome New Subscribers ===

 Welcome to our new subscribers who attended our Shenzhen event in
 November. We had a great time with you all and were once again
 deeply impressed by the level of enthusiasm we saw in the Chinese
 Web development community.

=== Upcoming TestTWF Events ===

--> Test the Web Forward Seattle, January 26 8:30am-8:00pm PST

 Earlier this year in April, the IE Developer Relations team hosted
 a great event at the Microsoft office in Seattle. The event was such
 a success, we're going back to kick off TestTWF 2014, once again
 graciously hosted by Microsoft. If you're in the Pacific Northwest,
 don't miss this one! Registration is now open [1]

=== Past TestTWF Events ===

--> Test the Web Forward Shenzhen @ TPAC, November 9

 In November, we returned to China for a third time and met hundreds
 more passionate Web developers. Experts came from all over the
 world to work with the local community and we had a dazzling lineup
 of speakers, including Tim Berners-Lee! It was a full day of
 learning, hacking, food, drinks and prizes.

 Read some good summaries of the event here:
Adobe Web Platform Blog [2]
CSDN [3]
51CTO [4]

=== Test the Web Forward Event Kit - Now Available! ===

 We're pleased to announce that our Event and Meetup Kits are now
 available on testthewebforward.org [5][6]. As we move into 2014,
 we'll be actively seeking organizations (big or small) and user
 groups to host their own TestTWF events. If you've never hosted an
 event or aren't familiar with Test the Web Forward, we've provided
 these kits with all the details you'll need to get you going. If
 you're interested in hosting an event, you may also send a note to
 public-testtwf-planning@w3.org and we can help get you started.

=== CTA: Get Involved ===

--> Contribute to TestTheWebForward.org

 The invitation remains open to add your own testing documentation
 to our site. With the much-improved Github workflow, it's easy to
 make contributions [7].

Thanks for great year of Tesing the Web Forward. Happy Holidays and
we'll see you next year!

[1]: http://ttwf-seattle.eventbrite.com
[2]: http://blogs.adobe.com/webplatform/2013/11/20/test-the-web-forward-shenzhen-recap/
[3]: http://www.csdn.net/article/a/2013-11-15/15817104
[4]: http://www.51cto.com/art/201311/417786.htm
[5]: http://testthewebforward.org/events/kits/event-kit.html
[6]: http://testthewebforward.org/events/kits/meetup-kit.html
[7]: https://github.com/w3c/testtwf-website/blob/gh-pages/CONTRIBUTING.md
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