Re: Fwd: Test Changes Proposal

On 14/02/17 07:41, Benjamin Schaaf wrote:
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> From: Benjamin Schaaf <>
> Date: Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 12:48 PM
> Subject: Test Changes Proposal
> To: David Singer <>, Simon Pieters <>,
> Silvia Pfeiffer <>
> Hello,
> I've put together a proposal for a way to reorganise webvtt's
> web-platform-tests to make writing and reading tests easier as well as
> add categorization.
> I'd like to get input on this before I start working on it.

FWIW reorganising tests means that we lose existing metadata around 
expectations and tests that were disabled. This isn't necessarily a 
showstopper, but does mean that there should be some payback in terms of 
better coverage, otherwise it causes problems for little gain.

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