Re: Cross-registrable-domain origins for WPT.

On a related note, I'd really like to be able to test localhost in order to test 
the localhost handling in the Secure Context's spec.

On 14/03/2016 15:09, Mike West wrote:
> Hello, testers!
> There are a few platform features that take the registrable domain into account
> (e.g. the ` <>` bit of `
> <>`).
> is one that I'm
> working on implementing, and I'd hoped to start converting my unit tests to WPT
> to help other vendors along.
> I can't do that, however, as all WPT tests run on the same registrable domain
> (` <>`). It would be lovely if we could support a
> second (` <>`, for instance). I filed
> with the request, and
> jgraham suggested that I poke this list as there are some complexities around
> `{{host}}`, etc. that he'd like to discuss.
> Thanks!
> -mike

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