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Le 2015-10-28 22:48, James Graham a écrit :
> On 29/10/15 11:37, fantasai wrote:
>> I disagree with this. I think we should reduce the metadata,
>> but there are some things (e.g. spec section associations)
>> that we need to keep.
> FWIW the counterpoint to this is that people have and will point-blank
> refuse to submit tests when there are requirements for metadata beyond
> what is strictly needed to make the tests run.

<link rel="author" href="...">: very easy to do

<meta name="flags" content="...">: is that really difficult to edit? I 
don't think so.

<title> text: the documentation should help by giving useful examples. 
James Hopkins had a good and easy system to use. He was just putting the 
most important css property and then another one which was being tested. 
You can not be wrong 99% of the time if you do this systematically.

<title>CSS [Module name] Test: property name - property name</title>


<title>CSS Writing Modes Test: vertical-align - 'super' and vertical-rl 

<link rel="help" href="...">: it should be easy if you use the James 
Hopkins system. Just link to both properties you use in the <title>.

<meta name="assert" content="...">: that one is more difficult. But 
then, all reviewers need is some useful, meaningful, helpful comments at 
judicious spots and/or useful, meaningful, semantic id attribute, class 
attribute, function identifiers.


(bad) class="class1"
(bad) class="class2"
(bad) class="one"
(bad) class="two"
(bad) class="a"
(bad) class="b"
(bad) id="div1"
(bad) id="div2"
(bad) id="span1"
(bad) id="span2"
(bad) id="one"
(bad) id="two"
(bad) id="a"
(bad) id="b"
(bad) function test()

Better, more recommendable:

(good) class="abs-pos-children"
(good) id="rel-pos-grand-parent"
(good) id="containing-block"
(good) id="blue-float-left"
(good) id="red-overlapped"
(good) id="green-overlapping"
(good) id="reference"
(good) id="control"
(good) id="clearing"
(good) id="following-sibling"
(good) class="adjacent-sibling"
(good) class="invalid"

Good identifiers are those which are
- descriptive with regards to the working/building logic of the test,
- descriptive of the design logic of the test or
- descriptive of the respective position in the containment hierarchy or
- descriptive of the respective position in the positioning hierarchy.

> I understand why this additional metadata is nice to have particularly
> when you come back to tests later, but requiring it will cause people
> to not upstream tests that they otherwise would have. I don't have a
> great solution for you, but consider if they are ways to make more of
> the metadata implicit in e.g. the directory structure, file naming,
> <title> element, etc.

The documentation could be more helpful.
does not provide real examples.

I'm sure the documentation could be improved...

Test Format Guidelines

Test Style Guidelines

Test Templates

CSS Naming Guidelines

Test Review Checklist

CSS Metadata

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