Re: who is on point for all of the various pull requests?

James Graham <>, 2015-08-18 17:12 +0100:
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> On 18/08/15 16:47, John Jansen wrote:
> >In looking through my own pull request, I noticed there are many many
> >more pull requests awaiting approval – some dating back years.
> >
> >Is there a policy in effect or anyone specifically on point to move
> >these along? We have talked for years about how important it is to get
> >the community submitting tests, but I imagine there is a sense of
> >frustration felt for those who have submitted tests but have not had
> >them approved or rejected.
> The central issue is that it's not anyone's job to land the tests; most
> people who are doing it are actually paid to do something else and make time
> for web-platform-tests in the gaps. So it can be hard, especially with
> reviews that take an unusual amount of time because they are large, require
> careful spec reading, or are otherwise problematic.
> I believe most of the reviews that have been open for very long times are
> either in this category or are cases where the reviewer has asked for more
> work, but the original submitter has lost interest.

Yes. I’ve personally spent some number of hours myself several different
times, going through all the open PRs each time and triaging them and
adding comments and pings the appropriate people, or just closing some when
appropriate. I haven’t personally done that for a while now, but it’s
something that anybody could take time to also do if they wanted to help
out in some way with the testing effort.


Michael[tm] Smith

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