RE: Web-Platform-Tests pull request

How about if we get this pull request approved and then iterate on the tests individually afterward? At least with this change they can be run in all browsers and we can start to look at interoperability of the tests we agree have value.

> > I am wondering what the status is for pull requests going in to the 
> > WPT
> repo. I have one that enables the WebDriver tests to work:
> >
> >

> >
> > It's been since June, but I'm really just wondering who is on point 
> > for
> merging them in general. There are over 100 in queue currently.
> With the state the specification was in when these tests were written, 
> I'm not sure it's a good idea to use them as the basis for any 
> implementation.  They made it into WPT as a clean-slate import without code review.

Yes, that is a good point. My hope is that we could get these checked in so that they can at least be run. In the current state, they cannot even be run. I have an active task on my plate to review the current coverage and make sure it still tests something in the spec, and then build out new tests for what is there. I really hope that by adding tests for each chapter, we will drive stability.
> To test the fundamentals of the protocol, I feel the test harness 
> needs major work to allow the granularity needed ensure compatibility 
> with the specification.
Interesting. I haven't looked into this. If you have ideas, we should spend some time discussing.

> It's also my opinion is that there are simply too many loose in the 
> specification to determine if these tests are correct.

I agree, but I do think that having tests can help clarify and drive the conversation.

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