Re: Using WPT as unit tests for polyfill libraries?

Ah, thanks for the heads up. I guessed somewhere in the spec, it requires undefined to be treated the same as missing for optional arguments.

Looks like blink and webkit are doing it wrong right now.

I will give web idl a through read when I got the time. Hope I won’t send a lot of incorrect tests to embarrass myself. :)

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> On 02/19/2015 05:25 AM, Glen Huang wrote:
>> @Ms2ger
>> Glad to hear they can be merged.
>> As for classList.force, since we are explicitly passing an
>> ECMAScript value to it, according to WebIDL, it will first be
>> converted to boolean by using ToBoolean(undefined), which returns
>> false. So toggle("name", undefined) should actually remove the
>> class and not toggling it. But I haven't go through WebIDL very
>> throughly, so I'm not absolutely sure that's correct, will go
>> through it more carefully when I'm writing the tests.
> Off-list, since not really relevant: the overload resolution algorithm
> <>
> treats undefined as triggering the default.
> Ms2ger
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