Re: https/wss testing in web-platform-tests

On 13/10/14 18:20, Brad Hill wrote:
> Why would we not just always require an https endpoint to be running
> if we're going to automatically generate a test certificate, anyway?
> Why put the burden on test authors to mark every test that requires
> https?

I had assumed that it wasn't a good idea because a) it requires people
to have openssl installed to generate the CA and host cert/keys, b)
actually trusting the cert only works well with wptrunner since you
don't want to trust the fake CA into your real browser profile (or run
your normal browser in a special don't-check-certs mode) c) we don't
necessarily have a code path to install the CA cert in all browsers.

If I am overestimating the importance of these, that would be great to
know, because I agree that putting any burden on test authors here sucks.

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