Testing Update for 24 June 2014

Hi all

Here is the update on last week's activities at web-platform-test,
csswg-test, wptserve, and TestTWF-website repos.

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Testing update for the week of June 17 2014 - June 24 2014

Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 12 commits to master and 30 commits
to all branches.
On master, 55 files have changed and there have been 1,075 additions and
564 deletions.

We currently have 145 Pull requests.

Excluding merges, 6 authors have pushed 9 commits to master and 11 commits
to all branches.
On master, 40 files have changed and there have been 1,476 additions and 53
We currently have 6 Pull requests.

1 author has pushed 2 commits to all branches.
We currently have 1 Pull request.

We currently have 3 Pull requests.

*How many pull requests did we receive last week (for the repos
web-platform-tests, csswg-tests, wptserve)?

13 Active Pull Requests in [web-platform-tests]
1 Active Pull Request in [testtwf-website]
9 Active Pull Requests in [csswg-tests]

*What were they trying to do (update tests on a section of html, etc.)?

Merged#865 Added test for track api textTracks exist 6 minutes ago
Merged#858 Hitregions members test 42 minutes ago
Merged#1068 Bringing GetUserMedia tests more up to date. today at 0:09
Merged#1057 Update tests to ensure they do not timeout yesterday at 23:06
Merged#849 Tests for SourceBuffer#abort() 4 days ago
Merged#1065 Fix some tests that try to connect to remote servers. 4 days ago
Merged#1054 Header files for lang attribute tests 4 days ago
Merged#825 Tests for URL.createObjectURL(mediaSource) in Media Source
Extensions. 5 days ago
Merged#1059 Clean up some broken tests. 5 days ago
Merged#1063 Call abort() from loadstart instead of readystatechange (broken
test) 6 days ago

Proposed#1067 new test to make sure implementations send upload progress
events for cross-origin requests yesterday at 23:05
Proposed#1069 updated README to clarify need for manifest 11 hours ago
Proposed#1070 Automatically update the MANIFEST.json file when using the
runner 2 hours ago

#254 fix broken links introduced by the csswg-test repo restructuring. 7
days ago


Merged#558 css-writing-modes-3: test for text-combine-upright on full-width
characters 14 hours ago
Merged#557 Correct reference color to green 5 days ago
Merged#502 Two CSSOM View tests (one with Regions, one without) 6 days ago
Merged#425 Animation pseudo element 6 days ago
Merged#397 Add tests for align-self property of CSS3 Flexbox 6 days ago
Merged#556 Add tests for DOMMatrix constructor 6 days ago
Merged#93 removed vendor-prefix from test files 6 days ago
Merged#555 Fix problems with tests. 6 days ago

Proposed#554 css-writing-modes-3: add parsing tests for
text-combine-upright. 7 days ago
*How many pull requests got merged? What were they about?
(Also see above)
 10 Merged
 8 Merged
 1 Merged

*Notable Specs/WG/issues

IndexedDB 11
XNLHttpRequest 9
html 42
media-source 14
shadow-dom 18
wg-html 64
wg-webapps 74

*reviewed 33
*awaiting review 22
*awaiting submitter response 56

spec:compositing 107
spec:regions 38

*Who were the individual who submitted pull requests or reviewed pull
**Commits were pushed by the following people:
//The number in parenthesis indicates the number of commits made.

shishimaru(10),zcorpan(7),jgraham(4), hallvors(3),hillbrad(2),
Patrick Hoglund (1),zqzhang(1),

myakura(3),snsk(3), Dirk Schulze(2),minxhuang(1),plinss(1),rhauck(1)

** Reviews were made by the following people:

Simon Pieters, Michael[tm] Smith,Jungkee Song, Hallvord R. M. Steen,Robin
Berjon, Odin Hørthe Omdal, Anne van Kesteren, zqzhang,
James Graham, plehegar, Sangwhan Moon, Philip Jägenstedt, yunxiaoxie,
Dimitri Glazkov, Andreas Tolfsen,
Ms2ger, Sangwhan Moon, David Burns, shs96c, Denis Ah-Kang

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