Fallback to w3c-test.org

So at the moment the serve.py script tries to do some cleverness and 
fall back to w3c-test.org if the local subdomains don't resolve e.g. it 
will try to use www.w3c-test.org in place of www.web-platform.test if 
the latter doesn't resolve.

Unfortunately this system is totally broken because the ports on the 
local machine and on w3c-test.org don't match at all. To deal with this, 
it would be necessary to assign each domain / subdomain a port either 
from loclhost or from the well-kown ports on the fallback server. This 
would impact the way that substitutions are used e.g.


wouldn't make any sense because the port would depend on the domain. 
Since tests are using various combinations of host/domain/port, fixing 
this would require a great deal of effort not just to design a 
fallback-aware substitution mechanism, but also to convert all tests to 
use it.

I don't think I have time to do this work (that is; I think there are 
other things I could be doing that are higher value). Does anyone else 
think that the the fallback to w3c-test.org is valuable enough that they 
are prepared to put in the effort to unbreak it? If not I suggest we 
remove this feature and simply require people to set up their 
environment correctly.

Received on Thursday, 24 April 2014 12:44:01 UTC