Re: WebTV Help for Getting Engaged in W3C Test Effort

Hi Giuseppe,

>> 7. Some people expressed an interest to organize a TTWF event (or
>> similar) dedicated for TV, to better discuss and understand the needs of
>> the TV industry. Do you think this would be doable? Is there already a
>> calendar or next events and/or open dates? How would you recommend we go
>> about this? (and do you think it would be useful in the first place?
>I am not the best person to answer this, but typically TestTWF events
>have been about actually writing tests rather than discussions around
>test writing. Having said that, some kind of event sounds like it could
>be sensible. Previously the events have often been organised around some
>existing W3C meeting so there is a high concentration of people to act
>as "experts" already in the area. However it sounds like you might want
>a slightly different kind of event, so this might not be the right

My team has organized several events and we put together some materials
for people interested in hosting their own [1].  James is right. For the
most part, the events have been about actually writing tests at them, but
there is no specific set of rules that say what an event should be. In
fact, weıd really like to see them branch out into other types of
gatherings, which that hasnıt happened much to date. As long as the topic
of the event is in the spirit of advancing the web through better tests,
it fits. Weıve actually even made some suggestions for themes & goals for
events that wouldnıt involve writing tests [2]. Itıs definitely not an
exhaustive list and this makes me think that we could add a section there
for segment-specific testing topics. Things like TV and mobile have their
own unique testing challenges so I think itıd be great if more events were
held focusing on just them.

To answer your other question, the Œcalendarı would appear right on the
events landing page [3] and it will only if something is scheduled as
upcoming (currently, there is nothing). Youıd see a box beneath the header
image and an Upcoming Events panel will appear on the right.  Getting this
all in place is self-serve and documented in the kits that walk you
through creating your event page [4].

As you browse the links below, youıll see that we do have a w3c mail list
just for testtwf event planning discussion [5]. I encourage you to use
that if you have further questions (although itıs fine if we continue this
discussion here and Iım happy to answer any other questions you have).



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