Re: Similar test files in unreviewed and accepted tests for the-video-element!?

On 28/06/2013 03:18 , Zhang, Zhiqiang wrote:
> Per my experience[3], these  "accepted" tests (moved from approved/
> directory in [4]) were copied (not moved) from the "unreviewed" tests
> (from submission/ directory) before they were moved to this github
> repo from hg repo.

Under the old system, people would do that all the time indeed. It's a 

> Maybe someone can move this forward like [5] to remove files in
> submissions that have duplicates in approved :)

Anyone can do that :) All it takes is a pull request moving or removing 
the files. Note that if PR17 didn't catch them as identical then they 
probably have at least some small differences, so it's worth running a 
diff to check first.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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