Re: Naming directories in web-platform-tests

On Apr 16, 2013, at 3:47 PM, Michael[tm] Smith wrote:

> Hi Tobie,
> Tobie Langel <>, 2013-04-17 00:25 +0200:
>> Hi, 
>> Is there any reason for the the test directory names not to match the
>> short name of the specs as found in /TR? (e.g. 2dcontext vs. canvas2d,
>> webmessaging vs. WebMessaging, crypto-api vs WebCryptoAPI, etc.)
>> If we don't like the names of the specs in /TR can we change them there
>> rather than in the test repository?
> We don't typically change the shortnames in /TR. It's possible to change
> them (which also requires setting up a redirect from the old one to the new
> one, because we can't break the existing URLs), but I don't think we'll be
> able to get approval to change them just for the reason of wanting to have
> more consistent names in the test repo (e.g., having the names be
> all-lowercase).

FWIW, the CSSWG is going to be renaming most of our spec's shortnames in /TR space soon (with the appropriate redirects) to have a single consistent pattern (and remove css3-*). We already made this change in our draft repository.

>  --Mike
>> Happy to send a pull request with changes if there's agreement.

I recommend giving each WG a chance to chime in if they have plans to change their shortnames (for their own reasons), then rename all the directories in the repo to match /TR space (or any planned changes in /TR space).


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