Re: Request to move the test repositories to Github

On 8/9/12 11:45 AM, "Robin Berjon" <> wrote:

>On Aug 9, 2012, at 03:14 , Michael[tm] Smith wrote:
>> We can still ensure that all contributors complete the agreement,
>> regardless of where the test suites are hosted -- as James noted in an
>> earlier message on this thread:
>>  "...other projects use github that require a CLA before contributing
>>  (e.g.  Django), so it seems that in practice one can successfully use
>>  github model and require license agreements to be filled in before
>>  contributions are accepted."
>Do you happen to know how they enforce that? Do they just manually have a
>list of people they can accept code from, or have they managed to
>automate it more?

Node.js also require a CLA before contributing[1]. The process appears to
be manual[2].


[2]: e.g.:

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