RE: Request to move the test repositories to Github

There IP and license concerns that would have to be addressed.

There are members of the w3c that won't sign up to just go look at random open source code on GitHub.


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Subject: Request to move the test repositories to Github


During a conversation in #testing today there was distinct agreement that hosting the test repositories on GitHub would lower the barrier for test contributions by non-W3C members and would generally be A Good Thing(TM).

I've had this conversation multiple times already, invariably leading to the comment that not all members/staff would be happy with this change.

That's very much possible and totally understandable. But until there's a forum where these issues can be raised and addressed, we're stuck in status quo, which isn't very helpful either.

I'm not sure what the best place for this conversation is, but I was told test-infra@ would be a good start.



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