Re: New UI for the Test Framework now available

On 18/07/2012 16:04, Robin Berjon wrote:
> On Jul 3, 2012, at 10:50 , Richard Ishida wrote:
>> >[0] it seems to take a while to draw the page - any prospect of that improving?
> This was due to the results page loading a large data set (all results for that suite, with metadata). Such data granularity can definitely be useful for some reports, but is clearly overkill for many (including I believe for what you're trying to generate on your end).
> I've now added a result-summary function to the JSON API. You can access it in the same way as the results except that you need to use "result-summary" instead of "result" in the URI. I've also added it to the docs.
> The page is now much faster to load (at least for me, if you're still seeing problems please give me specific URLs).

Indeed, from the data diagram it looks promising. However, I need to use 
in JS, so i'm guessing i need to change the object definition i have

(function ($) {
    ,   results:        function (id, data, cb) { this._get("result/" + 
id + "?" + data, cb); }

to add a line for result-summary (resultsSummary?).  What does that look 

Then to get the asynchronous fetch, I assume I need something like

TestFramework.resultSummary("i18n-css-writing-modes", "", 
generateStuffInPage );

Is that right?


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