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Minutes of the kickoff meeting [via TDM Reservation Protocol Community Group]

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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 13:11:47 +0000
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12 people were present on the call, the agenda being: 

brief presentation of the participants.
Q/A on the context of this project
review of the proposed charter
review of the proposed vocabulary
review of the proposed requirements
decision of the frequency and preferred date-time for the next calls.

Many thanks to the participants who have posted on the mailing list a short introduction about themselves and their interest for the project. All participants are invited to do so.

The following decisions were taken: 

the group will have a call every two weeks, on Tuesdays, at 11 am EST = 16 pm UTC = 17:00 CET.
we'll discuss asap how we deal with the winter/summer time change. 
we'll use the same Zoom details we used for the first call. This information must be requested to the co-chairs.
the CG home page (https://www.w3.org/community/tdmrep/) is a great starting point to find information: posts (like this one), Github link, Mailing List.
the use of IRC and scribes is not decided: this can be complex for newcomers, therefore we'll talk about this later only.  
participants are invited to comment on the current open issues 1 to 5.
participants are invited to read and comment as issues (*) the documents provided on Github as source for discussion.
the co-chairs will prepare for the next meeting a proposal of evolution of the vocabulary and requirements, using as a source the current open issues 1 to 5. 
the co-chairs will add a page to the documentation, describing the robots.txt technology for non technicians.

Therefore the next call is planned on Tuesday 09 March at 11 am EST = 16 pm UTC = 17:00 CET. 

PS: TDM actors, please join the discussion; the door is more than open.

(*) Github offers "issues" but also "discussions". We could decide to use the latter, maybe simpler for non technicians. 


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