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Kickoff of the TDM Reservation Protocol CG [via TDM Reservation Protocol Community Group]

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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2021 12:58:37 +0000
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Dear participants in the Text and Data Mining Reservation Protocol CG (TDMrep in short), it has taken some time for the co-chairs before inviting you to a first call; this is simply because we were waiting a sufficient number of participants representing TDM actors. We are currently 13 participants in this CG, and we are expecting other people to join now that we have reached ACReps from organizations which have a foot in TDM. 

Therefore it is now time to have a kickoff call, and Giulia and I propose to have it between Feb. 15th and 23th. 

For that purpose we have setup this Doodle. Please fill it to signal your availability. 

We will use Zoom for the call, please contact the co-chairs to get details (it is bad practice to let that in a blog post). 

Before the call, you can read the documents which have been put in place in the project Github space. The most important is certainly the set of requirements which should be discussed and - if possible - validated during the first call. A proposed charter for the CG is also to be discussed and validated asap. 

The repository also includes a proposal for a common vocabulary, a tentative to define TDM and some useful extracts of the EU DSM Directive (Articles 3 and 4). All good reads. 

Giulia and I hope to meet you all at this kickoff call :-)


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