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Sounds good,  thanks!

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Hi. Claes!

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Hi SysApps,

A Media Storage API is on the SysApps charter as a phase 2 delivery item. Members of SysApps have shown an interest in this API as illustrated by the questionnaire performed in May,

This type of API has high priority in Sony and I am currently editing a draft specification. We are also implementing the API in Chrome.

It sounds great! You mean you are prototyping this feature based on chromium open source. right?

I request a slot on the Media Storage API at the SysApps meeting at TPAC October 30-31. The goal is to get a view from SysApps members and other parties such as browser vendors on the interest for implementing a standardized Media Storage API for web applications.

Sure! I will make a slot for that!

As I have to leave at about 2-3 pm on Friday 31st I would like the slot on Media Storage to take place on Thursday or Friday before lunch.


Kr, Wonsuk.

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