Re: TPAC 2014 break out session on trust and permissions

Hi John,

I am not sure if there are teleconference facilities for the plenary 
break out sessions and will check. In any case we expect to take minutes 
and make them publicly available later. The room and timeslots are 
assigned at the start of the day as the sessions are arranged 
unconference style with lots of post it notes on a large board.

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On 24/10/14 23:43, John Hazen wrote:
> Will there be a conference call?  Do we know what time on Wed this might be.  Sorry, I have been stupid busy with things, but I remain very interested in this area.
> John
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> Subject: TPAC 2014 break out session on trust and permissions
> If you will be in Santa Clara next week for the W3C TPAC 2014 event, you are invited to participate in the break out session on trust and permissions on Wednesday, see:
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