Google leaving SysApps

Hi all,

As you might have seen if you are a member of the group, Google has left

As you all know, we are still actively working towards increasing the
capabilities the Web platform has to offer. Amongst other things, we are
close to ship Push and Notifications APIs, and started efforts related
to Bluetooth and Geofencing.

We are also very excited to collaborate with other vendors on the
Community Group that Dave is about to start about Permissions on the
Web. As you might have seen at the Chrome Dev Summit, we have a few
ideas around Permissions [1].

Unfortunately, we do not believe that SysApps is the right medium to
work toward those goals. SysApps, by nature, is focused on packaged
applications which have been found to be the wrong canvas to tackle
those problems.

A lot of work done by SysApps have been very interesting and fruitful. I
hope that we will be able to move some of those deliverables to groups
with wider audiences but no matter what, I am sure that we will
collaborate in the future and I am looking forward to it.


-- Mounir

Received on Tuesday, 2 December 2014 18:30:32 UTC