System Level API and NFC WG - access to Secure Element

Hi Dave, and all,

You will find attached a widl which can give you an idea of an API to manage access to Secure Element. In this API, we have been proposing to have the capability to manage APDU messages, together with event (e.g. a reader detecting the insertion of a new secure element, or a contactless card communicating with the browser). This is an idea we have been working on since few months now, and it is obviously open to discussion, once the WG will be created. But as there was a similar discussion on the NFC WG public mailing list where Dave requested a draft API, I thought easier to share the complete package with both mailing lists. 

Gemalto would be ready to be editor of this API, once becoming participants to the SysApp WG, and making sure the NFC WG takes benefit from this feature. As a consequence, we would recommend to add this feature in the phase 1 of the SysApp charter WG. 


Received on Tuesday, 5 June 2012 14:45:10 UTC