RE: Telephony API - Initial Draft

Hi Eduardo,

We can't comment on this draft until the WG is formally approved and we have gone through our internal process for officially joining a WG.

As part of the process of creating the charter, 4 companies answered the poll saying they would offer APIs and 3 companies offered to serve as editor for this one.  The charter  also lists 2 existing APIs from companies involved.  So I think we'll have several inputs to work on.


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>Subject: Telephony API - Initial Draft
>Hi all,
>My colleague Jose M. Cantera and myself have been working on an initial draft of
>the Telephony API, based on the Firefox OS (B2G) WebTelephony API, that I take
>the opportunity to share with you:

>Although the WG has not been officially kicked-off, I expect that it will be soon,
>and I hope this draft can be a suitable starting point and can help us to progress
>the work. Moreover we are willing to act as co-editors of this spec, together with
>any other interested party.
>Looking forward to your feedback.
>P.S. I am going on holidays in a couple of days, so responses to your feedback
>may come upon my return.
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